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Looking for a something unique and new birthday party idea for kids?

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Why not have a Ninja themed party with us?

Smart Ninja Kids offers Ninja trainings for girls and boys of the ages between 3 and 10.

We come to you anywhere in Sydney!

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Training Program (Duration 1 hour)

  • Ninja Stealth Walk
  • Balancing
  • Ninja Dash
  • Ninja Jump
  • Shooting Bows
  • Shuriken Ninja Star Throwing
  • Sword Practice ( or Pinata with an additional cost)
  • Certificate Presentation


$290 inc GST up to 12 people
           Thereafter $15 per additional child

*1 male & 1 female Ninja take care of your children.

*Ninja costumes are included (Size: XS, S, M, L / Color: Black,Blue and Pink) to hire during the training.

*If your venue is located outside the following council areas,
a travel charge will be applied. Please contact us for a quote.

   Council areas without a travel charge:
Ashfield, Botany Bay,Lane Cove, Leichhardt, Marrickville, North Sydney, Randwick, City of Sydney, Waverley, Willoughby, Woollahra

Option (Additional cost)-Recommended!
Pinata (Ninja Star Shape) :$30 - Box only excluding lollies

What are Ninja?

Ninja (忍者) are spies, body guards, special forces and shadow warriors trained in conducting undercover activities. Ninja have developed a special art called “Ninjutsu” to protect themselves against the enemies and to accomplish the missions. Silence is a gold asset for Ninja.

Ninja in movies wear stealth black suits with Ninja swords and use Shuriken throwing stars, and they vanish and jump around against the gravity. They are described exaggeratingly in the medium but Ninja conduct daily hard training and have obtained superhuman like physical strength and skills. So Ninja move and act without being seen and sneak unnoticed by disguising themselves to conceal their identity, using visual tricks to escape, and so on.

There were female Ninja. They played very important rolls in the Ninja clans in the past. Female Ninja is called "Kunoichi(ku-no-ichi)".


ninja woodblock print1825-30 Woodblock print Utagawa Toyokuni

It is said that the origin of Ninja could go back in the 12th century (Heian or early Kamakura era in Japan) but there are few records kept and the stories have been passed down from generation to generation.

When the Samurai class began to gain power in the 14th century, fighting increased and it became necessary to conduct espionage activities against enemy forces, and Ninja became even more active. Ninja were called upon by their feudal lords and did special secret duties. Ninja remained active until the Tokugawa Shogunate in Edo (now Tokyo) unified Japan and restored social orders in the beginning of the Edo period (1603-1868).

There were about 50 different schools of Ninja across Japan's main island in the past. There are still several places known today as lands of the Ninja. The three most well known places are Koka in Shiga Prefecture the home of the Koka Ninja and Iga in Mie Prefecture the home of the Iga Ninja, and Togakushi in Nagano Prefecture to home of the Togakure Ninja. Ninja houses with full of tricks to hide from enemies still exist.


The stereotypical image of Ninja is in black from head to toe - wrap/hood, mask, jacket, pants, and tabi shoes with Ninja swords. Ninja uniform had many pockets for storing all the small tools and weapons.

Black outfits helped the ninja disappear into the darkness but they used a few different colors depending on the mission – black, dark blue or brown was used for night missions and green base camouflage pattern in forest. Also in reality Ninja went about their work disguised as everyday citizens such as monks, peasants or samurai to hide their identity as Ninja.

Shuriken / Ninja-star

Shuriken (Throwing-star or Ninja-star) is a unique concealed weapon of Ninja and literally means a sword hidden in user's hand. It is made from metal with sharpened ends and used for throwing for daunting and wounding enemies.

A star shaped shuriken is common in movies, TV and comics but there are various shapes including straight, stick-shaped shuriken as well as cross-shaped models.

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